Boston Church of Christ

On-line Giving & Contribution Reports

  1. My Repeating Profiles will list any online repeating contribution profiles that you have set up.

  2. To make a change to your existing on-line repeating contribution profile(s)
    • click the link for "My Repeating Profiles"
    • Delete the profile you wish to change. (The system does not allow you to simply edit a profile. You must delete it and then create a new one.)
    • Select "On-line Giving Setup" and create a new profile with the new information.
  3. My Giving History allows you to search your giving history. The history only goes back to January 2016.

  4. My Recent Giving lists all of your most recent contributions.

  5. On-line Giving Setup allows you to make one-time donations or set up repeating donations. You can choose your region and set up regular contributions, benevolence, missions and capital campaign donations.
  6. Click here for more complete instructions.

 We do not process refunds for contributions. If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact our administrative offices at 508-848-2400.


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