Boston Church of Christ

1) Cryptocurrency Donations

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2) Stock Donations

Special Instructions for Transfers of Stock / Mutual Funds

  • For transfers to the Boston Church of Christ please have your broker transfer shares to:
    • Fidelity Investments (DTC #0226)
    • Name on the account is the Boston Church of Christ
    • Account #     X10 – 2324
  • Please send an email to Beth Santa Cruz (Email:, once you have initiated the transfer with the details of the transfer and where the funds will be applied.
  • The value of your donation for tax deduction purposes is based on the value the shares transfer from the donor’s account. You would therefore need to communicate with your broker as to what that value is. IRS regulations do allow the average value of the shares on the date of transfer in the event actual value is not determined.
  • The Church is not required to confirm the value of your donation for tax purposes since, as stated above, the donation is valued when it leaves your account. However, a separate receipt acknowledging your gift will be issued to you when the Church receives the shares in its account.
  • In order for the donation to be at full market value the shares must be held one year by the donor otherwise the value of the donation would revert to the donor’s cost. Please consult with your tax advisor for further clarification, tax advice and information necessary for filing your income taxes.
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