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2022 Teen Rally - Six Flags

2022 Teen Rally - Six Flags

On Sunday, September 25th, teenagers from around New England are converging on Six Flags New England in Agawam, Massachusetts! Join us for one final summer fun-stravaganza, featuring roller coasters, new friends & a challenge to focus on the bigger picture!

Cost Breakdown:

  1. $33 for those going to the park and getting their own transportation.  The money covers the admission ticket into the park.  If bringing any children it will also be $33 for each child.
  2. $63 for those going to the park and taking the bus with the Boston Church.  The money covers the admission ticket into the park and bus transportation. If bringing any children it will also be $63 for each child.
  3. The bus price may be different for the New England Churches that order their own bus.  They'll get that information to their respective groups.
  4. Passes (season passes, etc.) can be used for this event.  Those who have a pass and who do not need the bus pay $5. Those with a pass taking the Boston bus pay $35. Anyone using a pass must be registered in order to receive a wristband that is required to enter the event.

Friends of Teens are Invited
*Please encourage all your teens to invite their friends.  It's an excellent opportunity for them to hear the Word of God, see the fellowship and have a blast all afternoon on the rides at Six Flags.

  1. Chaperones: we will need chaperones to ride the bus and help out in the park. If you want to be a chaperone please get in touch with Phil Arsenault ( He will designate who is a chaperone. If you are designated as a chaperone do not register until you get the discount code.  Boston Bus transportation is free for chaperones. All other adults showing up on the day of the event will need to pay the full registration.   
  2. Boston bus drop off/ pick-up: The Boston bus drop off for the event is 7:30AM and pick-up from the event is 8:00PM (We will be getting you drop-off, pick-up place this upcoming week). Church Service at Six Flags begins @10:30am.    
  3. Ticket distribution: Tickets will be distributed on the Boston bus or when you/your group get to Six Flags.
  4. Food: No food is included with the price of the event.  The cost of food in the park is expensive.   You cannot bring food into the park but you can go to the buses in the parking lot to get your packed lunch and eat in the parking lot.
  5. Note about communion: We will not be taking communion at the Youth Rally, so we are asking for the parents to have a communion service with their teens prior to them leaving on Sunday or when they arrive back home from this event.
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9/25/2022 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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