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New England School of Missions - Fundraising for Missions

New England School of Missions - Fundraising for Missions

This summer, students from the New England School of Missions are organizing mission trips to serve our churches in Madrid, Spain; Prague, Czech Republic; and Odessa, Ukraine. We are in need of donations towards a goal of $4,000. The money given will help cover our food, housing and transportation as we spend two weeks sharing our faith, learning at the feet of European church leaders, and encouraging our brothers and sisters in Christ. Any surplus raised will be donated to the European Missions Society to support the growth of our churches in Europe. Thank you for your generosity and we hope you can support us in prayer as well.

MADRID, SPAIN (May 27th - June 10th)

Jesse & Molly Farmer

Brandon & Lauren Yi

Ryane Adeniran

Hannah DeSouza


PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC (June 5th - June 19th)

Steve & Alexis Schnell

Tyler & Ryan Kwasniewski

Anthony Pierre-Louis

Kendra Bishop


ODESSA, UKRAINE (May 27th - June 10th)

Murvi Babalola

Katy Adelman

Corina Alvarado

6/8/2019 12:00 AM - 6/9/2019 12:00 AM
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